Let's Talk: Leveraging Podcasting

Your Host, E.B. Moss

E.B. is a Podcaster, Speaker, Content Creator and Marketer. After senior executive positions at Food Network, Lifetime Television, and audio companies Cumulus/Westwood One and AdLarge Media, E.B. headed up content for media B2B publications, MediaVillage and The Continuum, where she produced several successful B2B podcasts, and even hosted a video series for Brand Innovators. 

Her experience hosting 100+ interviews -- with guests ranging from Sir Martin Sorrell, Bozoma Saint John, the CMOs of Clorox Company to Cadillac, to authors, actors and ad execs -- has led to a reputation for "humanizing" her guests and helping them authentically showcase their value propositions. 

These cross-platform executive profiles led to creating audio and content marketing for numerous companies via Moss Appeal and SoundCastle Audio, as bespoke branded podcasts or through her own show, Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss,” a forum for conversations about the business of media, marketing and advertising. 

E.B.'s personal voice finds a home in "It's Quite a Living," in which she taps her wide circle of successful friends for personal stories with a touch of professional how-tos. 

E.B. is a sought after speaker on the topic of media, marketing and all things audio on both other podcasts as well as industry conferences. She began her career writing an entertainment column for a daily paper in New Jersey, then as a radio copywriter and voice talent. Her favorite role was being a singing elf in a holiday cartoon for Chuck E. Cheese!

How to Tap the Power of Podcasting for Your Brand or Executive*: 

Brands and companies are wise to drive trust through communicating their personal side in a way  that podcasting does best. Ask about:


UNDERWRITING: Sponsor a series of 3-5-minute mid-roll interviews featuring your executive in an episode of Insider Interviews -- or own a segment among complementary industry counterparts, recorded at a conference such as CES or Podcast Movement. You'll receive an clips and assets of your interview to leverage on your site and social media.

OWNED EPISODE: A custom episode of Insider Interviews that can include: 

*Guests subject to approval based on appropriateness for audience. Custom episode possible as alternative. Please contact podcasts@mossappeal.com with inquiries. 

SOUND CASTLE AUDIO - Conversations with a Personal Touch

Business insights and information: Media, Marketing, Advertising and Entertainment Executives give us the insider's view of the industry.

Compelling conversations with leaders in the business of creating TV, advertising, audio, research, and more, with host, E.B. Moss.  (Thanks to John Clayton for original music!)

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Many say, "Eh, it's a living." A few can say, "It's QUITE a living!" Host E.B. Moss draws out the personal stories and the paths to success of those at the top of their game.

E.B. chats with friends and acquaintances -- actors, authors, even archaeologists -- about the personal and the professional. (Thanks to Marc Blatte for original music!)

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